Lauhala Collection

Happy February mermaids! The secret is out and our new Lauhala collection is just getting started, so it’s still on pre-order. Living in Hawaii, we are surrounded by a rich history and at Misha Lam Jewelry, we have done our best by incorporating beach jewelry with tradition in this collection. “Lau” in Lauhala translates to “leaf” in Hawaiian, coming from the Hala tree located throughout the Pacific Islands. The Hala tree has had many uses, including the fruits as a food source, the wood to build canoes, and the leaves used in weaving. The leaves were braided into beautiful designs for mats, baskets, and hats used in everyday life. The art of weaving Lauhala is still done today to preserve the Hawaiian culture and we wanted to do that as well, but into beautiful jewelry to last forever. We hope you are excited about the Lauhala collection and we would love to hear from you!