Misha Hawaii Holiday Pop Ups

Misha Hawaii Holiday Pop Ups

Give your friends and family the gift of ocean jewelry made in paradise!

Start your holiday shopping early with Misha Hawaii at our Holiday Pop Ups! Enjoy discounts on new arrivals and the best selection of ocean jewelry made in Hawaii! We have a wide selection of beautiful Tahitian pearl bangles, shell necklaces, and much more!  Gift your loved ones with ALOHA and the beauty of ocean inspired jewelry this holiday season.

Check out our calendar of upcoming Holiday Pop Ups below:

Moonlight Market
@ Four Seasons Ko’ Olina
Saturday, November 25th | 5PM – 8PM

Aliolani Craft Fair 
@ Aliolani Elementary
Booth #130
Saturday, December 2nd | 8:30AM-2PM

Pinch of Salt
@ SALT Kaka’ako
Booth #C10
Saturday, December 2nd | 11AM-4PM

Holiday Trunk Show
2230 Kamehameha Ave Honolulu, HI 96822
Saturday, December 16th | 10AM – 2PM

Holiday Marketplace
@ Four Seasons Ko Olina – Poolside
Friday, December 22nd 10AM-3PM

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Photography: Melanie Tjoeng | H/M: Risa Hoshino | Model: Lohelani Hicks 

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Gold Ocean Jewelry and Jana Lam Handbags

Misha Lam Jewelry is excited to present some of our latest pieces in ocean and Hawaiian jewelry design! These stunning new additions consist of a VVV ring, stacked rings, hammered gold bangles and a fan coral bangle, all combining to complete a chic, gold jewelry collection for any modern woman, whether they are a business woman on the go, a woman relaxing on vacation, a young woman looking to make a statement or even the queen of the bohemian underground.


Easy to pair with almost anything, each one of these unique accessories will undoubtedly increase confidence and overall wellbeing, while simultaneously lending attention to other accessories and outfit pieces.

My sister in law has an amazing hand bag company where all the prints are hand screen printed. She has a studio in Honolulu, Hawaii where everything is handmade in small production. My gold jewelry went perfectly with her latest gold collection — seen in the pictures in this blog — you can find her bags at janalam.etsy.com. These upscale, island style bags, pair perfectly with Misha Hawaii jewelry, working in tandem to enhance each other’s beauty and overall effect. With this combination, wearers could rule the beautiful beaches of Hawaii by day and transition seamlessly into a night out, turning any outfit, whether it be a chic one piece swim suit, a little black dress, or even jeans and a T-shirt, into an unforgettable compilation.

Truly, these are unique, original and expertly crafted pieces of wearable art that will heighten any look’s overall appeal, as well as helps the wearer to feel glamorous, beautiful and special.  In fact, as clearly seen in the beautiful pictures below, these pieces manage to take what would be a simple and understated swimsuit and situation, and turn it into a high fashioned modern and elegant look that will remain truly times.


Furthermore, everybody knows that gold goes with anything, and these pieces of gold jewelry are no exception. Keep these pieces around for years to come and enjoy them as both your go to pieces to spice up your day to day, as well as what you pull out for all your more special occasions. Ocean jewelry can take you from day to evening in any tropical locale. Also being handmade in Hawaii in small production supports small business and local businesses! Lucky we live Hawaii.

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Why Jewelry Makes a Great Gift for the Holidays

With holiday season round the corner, it becomes overwhelming to find the perfect gift for loved ones. There are so many things you need to consider – your budget, their taste, the usefulness and life of gift, and much more. Until some time ago, I faced the same dilemma. But as I saw more and more women love and appreciate ocean jewelry, I realized that there is no better holiday gift for the ladies than jewelry.

Let’s look at why a jewelry gift is best for holidays.

It’s Timeless

An elegant and unique piece of jewelry, specially made from pearls, is ever-lasting. Pearls have been used for centuries in jewelry making for one reason – their appeal never fades away but only grows with time. Jewelry made from pearls, the diamond of the sea, remains eternally beautiful and attractive – it never goes out of fashion. Unlike other fashion jewelry styles or designs that make waves for a short period and then become outdated, pearl jewelry never loses its charm. So when I give someone pearl jewelry as a holiday gift, I know that it will remain in their jewelry box for years to come.

It’s Versatile

Although you might relate pearl jewelry to royalty or middle-aged women, I have integrated ocean treasures with modern designs to make jewelry that is suitable for all age groups. I handpick the pearls, shells, and glass to create ocean jewelry such that women of any age or taste will find a piece that they will love. In fact, you can even find the adorable looking pearl and shell bracelets for babies.

It Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

When you think of a jewelry gift, you are spoilt for choice. The number of options you have are limitless – you can choose from a wide range of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Depending on the taste of the lady, you can either gift them a classy pearl bangle set or a pair of trendy gemstone earrings. But that’s not all – there is a whole sea of options to choose from, and each one so beautiful you’d want to have them for yourself too. If you are having a hard time selecting a gift for someone a gift card is always a great gift and that way the receiver can pick something that suits their taste and style.

It Fits Your Budget

When the list of gifts is long, you need to spend wisely. The good thing about jewelry gifts is that they are available at a vast price range. Therefore, you will definitely find a beautiful ocean jewelry piece that will not only fit your budget but will also be a telltale of your priceless love.

So this holiday season, let your mom, sister, friend or partner know how much you love them by surprising them with unique ocean jewelry.

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Earring Jackets – the Edgy Way to Adorn Your Ear Lobes

It is a common expression that you realize the value of something only when it’s lost. Similar is the case with earring backings. Although they play a monumental role in keeping our most precious earrings in place, earring backings have always stayed in the backseat. I have honestly never cared for them much until I lost one. But not anymore! Since I saw trendsetters Jessica Alba, Diane Kruger and Kate Mara dress up their ear lobes with earring jackets, I haven’t been able to contain my excitement for this beauty!

Earring jackets have become an instant hit since they were introduced, and I think they have every reason to deserve all the love and attention. Holding an elegant stud in the front, the adorned earring jackets are like a party at the back.

Earring Jacket Anatomy

Earring jackets are basically a metamorphosed version of the simplistic earring backing, which have been transformed into an eye-catching, adorned piece of jewelry. After the studs are worn, earring jackets are clipped onto the post from behind the ear lobe. Once in place, the earring jacket hugs the ear lobe while an additional earring backing keeps the stud and jacket in place.

Good for us jewelry lovers, earring jackets come in different designs and styles – from jutting words like ‘LOVE’ to elegant curved studded strip. So whatever your style or occasion, you can find earring jackets to match the mood.

How to Best Wear Them

Although earring jackets have the eminence to make an edgy statement with any dress for any occasion, in my opinion they look best when worn with an up do. Since they line the curve of the lobe very closely, earring jackets might not get the desired attention if worn with hair let down. So whenever I wear them, I make sure that my hair are up in a bun, ponytail, or braid so nobody misses to adore my earring jackets.


MOMO CZ Earrings

The new and charming MOMO earring jackets are the latest addition to my unique jewelry collection. The two part earring has a stud in front with a curved earring jacket that follows the ear lobe. Both the stud and earring jacket are adorned with clear Cubic Zirconia whose sparkle won’t go missed. With 3 holes in the back piece you can adjust the earring jacket according to your ear lobe size. So show some love to your lobes and get these beautiful earrings in your jewelry box now!

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How Pearls are Formed

Step By Step

The real life example of how everything can ride on a single grain of sand. Each mollusk starts out the same and under the right conditions or through a pearl farmer these mollusks become embedded with a grain of sand. I love the building process it goes through where it is not a vivid and immediate transformative singular instance but that each layer of nacre builds upon the last. This creates pearls. Leaving each unique with many shades of coloring and slight alterations to their shape based on the mollusk shell. Pearl farmers take special care to acknowledge color and shapes when harvesting.

Tahitian Pearls

Pearls from the French Polynesian region are some of the most valuable and most beautiful pearls I’ve ever seen. My Tahitian Pearl Bangles are my prized possessions and no other pearls can compare. Made in the black-lipped oyster, these pearls are black with luminescent tones of blues, greens and pinks; sometimes even gold luster is found. Seeing as how these were declared so valuable many have stepped in to recreate. However the stories surrounding the Tahitian pearl cannot be duplicated. A gift to Princess Bora Bora from a god, or that the moon bathes with the oysters and each pearl is a drop of heavens light. While they can recreate the conditions to establish a pearl in a black lipped oyster they would be hard pressed to convince the moon to give us some of heavens light for a set of earrings.


Nature at its Best

Pearls are one of my favorite things in the world. I think among the gems and metals produced from the Earth, pearls are the singular greatest gift from the ocean. Jewelry crafted with pearls almost always stand out against anything you could compare it to you. Pearls are timeless and classy. I love my Tahitian pearl jewelry and wear it daily.



Pearl jewelry takes a little more attention in care, but this maintenance I enjoy. I also find that the more I wear my pearl pieces the more they stay clean. If jewelry is sitting out it will get dusty and tarnished, the best way to keep it looking clean is to wear it. The essence of the ocean is captured in this type of jewelry without being loud or overstated and fits the bill for nearly every occasion and daily wear too. I really prefer pieces that speak for themselves and there’s never a question with pearl jewelry as to ‘what’ it is, its evident. My favorite daily piece that I’m rocking now is my Tahitian pearl bangles. It really ups whatever outfit I have on which is great because it’s a chance to dress down a little without people noticing.

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Inspiration from the Deep

Inspired by the Ocean

My love of ocean jewelry and fascination of the sea have been brought together with extreme force in the last few trips I’ve been able to go on. I came back from scuba diving each time more inspired than I’ve ever been. The deep hues marked against luminescent creatures zooming around or the neutral toned slow moving beauties. I’m dying for earrings that can match the distinct coral tones. I’m thinking variations of opal in a rose gold setting might be able to put up a fight.


Thailand, Hawaii and Fiji

Scuba diving in Thailand was incredible; the water was warm and crystal clear.  I was on the Island of Ko Tao, a popular scuba diving destination.  The fish and coral was an underwater paradise and I remember seeing the most beautiful white jellyfish, which I swam with for a while.  I was engulfed by watching the streams of eccentrically patterned fish all around me and thought about how to bring them into my ocean jewelry designs.

Fiji left me wanting more color in my daily jewelry wear. Inspired by all the vibrant colors I want to incorporate the jewel tones of the oceans by using Blue Quartz, Moonstone, Peach quartz, Peridot, Chalcedony and Rose Quartz. This is going to be all over my ocean jewelry now! Light blue, turquoise, and greens galore I can’t be stopped. The magical colors of the ocean always make me feel calm and in touch with nature.

Swimming with Rays

That’s right, with all my adoration for ocean creatures I got to be up close and personal with manta rays. I dove on the Big Island where you can night dive with these beautiful creatures as they feed on plankton. These wondrous creatures have no stinger and no teeth, making them friendly.  They are curious and intelligent. Fun and playful is exactly how I want my jewelry to reflect. The attitude you see from these guys is something you wouldn’t be able to imagine each one has their own personality about them.


Color Explosions with Shells

Shell jewelry is something I’ve always been drawn to because of its playful nature. The natural colors and patterns that each shell has is absolutely breathtaking. I am obsessed with the intricate prints and colors that decorate the shells making each one completely unique. This is a photo of a gorgeous Flea Cone. You can see how complex the pattern is and how inspirational the shells are because no two are the same. There are always small differences. Shell jewelry is so unique and I am constantly discovering new shells, colors, patterns with every dive. 

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Tahitian Pearl Bangles

For the Love of Bracelets

As a personal preference I love bracelets. They look great, go with almost anything and are a wonderful look for every outfit and occasion. They also give me something to fidget with when I’ve been staring at the computer screen for too long. Which is the best excuse I’ve ever heard to just keep stacking them up.

Bangle’s being my favorite type of bracelet, I couldn’t stop myself when I made my first Tahitian pearl bangle. What sets them apart from most other pearl bracelets is that they are still simple but they have a little something extra. Many Tahitian pearls grab minor colors when they’re forming; it’s these unexpected gleams you see bouncing off of them that make them one of my favorites. Wearing a few of them together is great too because all of the minor colors in the undertones sit right next to each other…. then you can really see the variance from pearl to pearl.


Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are also called Black Pearls although they come in a variety of colors but most of them remain pretty dark in hue. The lighter Tahitian pearls are more rare but it seems like most people are drawn to the darker ones. How I just mentioned the minor colors that they’ll pick up, these are the undertones or overtones. Greens, blues, pinks, yellows, purples, and silvers are all possibilities, so they all end up being really unique compared to one another.

They even have ways to influence these colors when they’re culturing. By giving the mollusk that is making it, a bit from another mollusk to encourage the growth environment. This changes the colors of the finished product. The entire process remains entirely organic even though in Tahiti and the French Polynesian region these pearls are farmed in sanctioned lagoons. No inorganic materials are used when handling the mollusk, from the time it is old enough to produce pearls until it is opened with a finished product. The only outward influence that is placed on these mollusks at all is some shaping they do to keep the pearl more rounded. 

Ocean Jewelry

All of the jewelry I make is ocean inspired but authentic ocean jewelry really is amazing. Just that the process of pearl creation and that it happens naturally. While requiring no interaction from a jeweler other than to set it into a piece. These pearls are produced with a soft beauty that doesn’t require the cutting and treatment like mined gemstones. The simplicity of being perfect just the way it was made. If you don’t have a pearl bangle, you need one, maybe three to start is what I suggest and I promise you will never want to take them off!

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The Perfect Gift – Bridesmaid Jewelry

I spent over a year planning our wedding, and with all the help from my bridesmaids I knew I really needed to show my appreciation. Without these girls I’d have been lost! Jewelry is a great option for a bridesmaids gift, especially since you can give simple items that they can wear at the wedding and then keep to wear again. I wanted to do something that would really connect everyone and be memorable because the whole thing was a team effort! There is nothing more important tan the friends and family in your life – so get them something they can actually keep and not just wear once.

Screen shot 2015-06-24 at 3.15.19 PM

Simple moonstone teardrop earrings, a mermaid bar necklace and pearl tassel bracelet encompassed everything I wanted. Simple is always best and didn’t want to leave them with something they could only wear at events like.. well, weddings. The moonstone teardrop earrings are great because I thought of how much one of my bridesmaids doesn’t wear a whole lot of jewelry, but these earrings are comfortable and quiet enough that I felt she would be comfortable too. They’re so simple and stunning.


The mermaid bar necklace, I actually have up on this site! Again, it’s simple and that was the idea. Aside from not wanting to embellish my bridesmaids with over the top statement necklaces that take over their face, I like the delicateness that this has. You almost don’t notice it right away, but it accents anything really well. This was my choice so that my bridesmaids jewelry had versatility. I know that all of my bridesmaids can wear this out somewhere else and it not be a giant ‘I was in a wedding’ banner.

My final addition to my bridesmaids jewelry, was the pearl tassel bracelet. It is my favorite part of the set! It’s also available up on the site. My absolute favorite part was that this was where I could change it up to fit each bridesmaids personality. The color options let me tailor them to be more for each of them in a small way. It also brought in this fun aspect. It was really these girls that made the planning and preparation of my wedding fun and I wanted them to know that!

Screen shot 2015-06-24 at 3.16.13 PM

For myself I really wanted something almost understated and classic. I borrowed a diamond tennis bracelet and a passed down sapphire ring. My sister’s bracelet was the perfect hint of wow that I was looking for because it really didn’t compete with anything else going on which I was kind of afraid would happen with jewelry.   My grandmother’s sapphire ring was a pleasant pop of color, and I’m so glad I was able to bring my something old and something blue into plain sight. Without wanting to draw too much attention to my ears, I wore a simple pair of pearl and CZ earring.   They were comfortable, and let my dress be the focus which is what every bride wants!

I really wanted to make sure that none of the jewelry we wore was overstated but I also didn’t want my bridesmaids wearing something so plain they wouldn’t want to wear it again. After everything came together, I couldn’t be happier with the selections I chose. It took a bit of coordinating and definitely recommend taking some time to see everything on someone first! It was great being able to bring in all of these simple pieces and thank my bridesmaids. I couldn’t have been luckier in saving with using family pieces, and loved the sentiment that it had for me.


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How to Clean Different Types of Jewelry

After years of building up select meaningful pieces of jewelry, I’ve found myself taking more and more care to treat them properly. Searching for a cleaner that is gentle but thorough can be time consuming and none of them will work for all types of jewelry. I accumulated a number of jars and bottles that all warned against any misuse, which was ominous.

The jewelry stores didn’t seem to help a whole lot either, all they did was recommend the use of the product held in their stores, each for their respective metals. What I’ve learned is that all jewelry can be thoroughly cleaned with common household products that are gentle and won’t cause any damage.

How to Clean Pearl Jewelry

Pearls should be treated most delicately. A cloth dipped in warm water mixed with a mild soap is best for gentle care. The cloth should be only slightly damp and run over the pearls. The idea is that while you want to clean it thoroughly, you don’t want to leave any excess water. Do not at any point submerge the pearls in water. What’s recommended for the mild soap is something not intended for cleaning purposes.


Realistically you want to use a soap that’s as subtle as possible; fragrance free, and no color additives. I highly recommend Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps for Baby ‘Mild’. It’s easy to find at places like Target and if you don’t see Dr. Bronner’s, then most baby soaps will work.

How to Clean Silver Jewelry

Cleaning silver at home looks like a child’s science project but I swear by this. I love silver, just the way it glistens so I get pretty down every time my favorite necklace or ring loses its shine. This is so easy trust me! Start with a bowl, a simple soup bowl is fine, and lay down a smooth layer of aluminum foil to fit the inside form of the bowl. Put a small pot of water on the stove to boil, I leave my kettle on so I can hear it when it’s ready. To get started, lay out the silver in the bottom of the foiled bowl, nothing should really be overlapping or touching if it can be helped. Then sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda over your jewelry and cover in the boiling water. You’ll see lots of bubbles and when they die down, grab your kitchen tongs to pull out your jewelry. It’s safe, and silver has never looked so good. Another option is to use toothpaste, it must be paste, none of the gel ones. Take a soft old toothbrush with some toothpaste and softly scrub the silver. Rinse with warm water and your jewelry will sparkle.


How to Clean Gold Jewelry

So gold is a bit more fickle and meticulous. Gold plated jewelry should never be scrubbed or soaked at all. You should only clean pure gold such as 14kt gold or 14kt gold filled in this manner. A warm bowl of water with a three second count pour of dish soap is the only thing really needed, that and a toothbrush. Letting the jewelry soak for a minute or two before you gently rub over it with a soft bristled toothbrush. When you’re scrubbing away with the toothbrush, you want to be sure handed to loosen up the dirt that’s accumulated in any crevices. The biggest issue I have is with engravings, and not wanting to be too harsh. After a scrub, a quick rinse under warm running water will show if you need a round two on soaking.

I’ve made time every few weeks to just go through all of mine at one time. It’s easy maintenance, and the care will extend the life of your beautiful jewelry.

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Traveling to Hong Kong – A Pearl Paradise

Natural Creation

The natural creation of a pearl is really quite amazing. It makes one think about how all natural objects are created and connected. I have always thought that mother earth is the ultimate designer, and creative genius. Nothing man made can come close to what can be created naturally with the elements.

Because of my craze for collecting pearls I visited Hong Kong a few weeks ago, which holds one of the largest pearl shows in the world. The beauty of the pearls were endless; I saw golden south sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, freshwater pearls, Edison pink pearls, mabe pearls, yellow, peach, pink, white, blue, grey, pistachio, chocolate, the list goes on and on.


Selecting the Best Among the Best:

The beauty of pearls is really quite overwhelming and it’s really hard to select when there are thousands upon thousands of pearls all right in front of you! So many variations and unique characteristics tells each pearl story. When I am selecting I am looking for the best color and luster over the perfectly round shape. The imperfections are what makes a pearl different and shows it’s natural beauty. I always find that if a pearl is too round, or too perfect it looks almost fake! I like to see the naturalness in each pearl. The more you look at pearls, the more you know pearls, and the more you know gives you the ability to select the best ones for what it is you are making. The time and science that goes into making each pearl is really quite extraordinary. The Pearl growing industry has now expanded fully where millions of seashells and other mollusks are kept, in order to create a sea of beautiful pearls. When looking for pearls you want to be cautious about a number of different factors. These factors included the lust, color, shine and surface quality of the pearls. These factors, along with the shape of a particular pearl, determined my buying list, as I was particularly buying theses pearls for earrings and bangles.


The Beauty of Pearls- Mesmerizing and Compelling

The natural peacock and grey colored pearls, derived from the black lip oysters, are none other than the Tahitian pearls. I have been getting higher and higher quality pearl to make my Tahitian Pearl bracelets, and there I found some new colors and of course selected the most beautiful ones.


Tahitian Pearl Jewelry is very popular in the pacific and women love to wear them as if they are diamonds. When I started to make my Tahitian Pearl Bangles they were an instant hit and people have been buying them for over 3 years now.

The other item I was looking for at the show was Edison pink pearls. These intensely pink and shiny pearls are very popular among my customers so I wanted to find some beautiful ones to put on a Pearl Bangle. The luster of the Edison pink pearl is unmatched by freshwater pearls.

Hong Kong was a whirl wind of Pearls, and the days flew by! I know that all the pearls I bought will be made into some lovely mermaid jewelry. The new bangles I am now working on have multiple colors of pearls on each bangle. New combinations are being created and they are available now!  Some new styles are the Naia, Sakura, and the new Anuenue!


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Hawaiian Shell Jewelry: Jewelry of the Ocean

If there is anything a girl must love, it is jewelry. To accessorize with the perfect dress for the perfect event is what style and glamour is all about. I happened to be back in Hawaii recently and as always my mind just started filling up with ideas. I was inspired to design beach jewelry that would reflect the natural beauty of Hawaii. Any girl who is a mermaid like I am, loves beach jewelry and exploring the depth of the ocean.

In my jewelry I try to capture the truest sense and spirit Hawaii has to offer. On my recent dive, the sun rays were breaking through the surface of the water as a lazy turtle swam by. There is an entire other world under the water, which inspires me to create ocean jewelry using shell, pearls and other natural found objects.


I found these beautiful shells which continue to inspire my designs of ocean jewelry. Each shell is so different and unique which gives way to limitless ideas and designs. The colors, patterns, textures, and shapes have such a variety which makes the shells so beautiful. This fueled my concept of Hawaiian beach jewelry which my friends and I love to wear from day to night.


Ocean jewelry is all about taking the inspiration of the ocean, the beach and the waves and turning it into something you can wear! Turning found treasures into beautiful jewelry is something any mermaid would love!

Treasures underneath the sea

I have always loved to free dive; the freedom you feel under water is unexplainable. I want my beach jewelry to remind people of the amazing world we live in and how easily we can find beauty anywhere we look. The serenity underwater is calm and peaceful. Everything underwater is moving slow as if time is you are watching everything in slow motion. Everything I find I want to transform into shell bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings. There are endless possibilities with all the beautiful jewelry you can create with natural found treasures.

Every time I go for a dive, I never know what I might find. The mystery of the ocean, and the thrill of the treasure hunt is what makes each dive exciting and new. You never know if you will see a turtle, dolphin, or even a whale. Nature is a constant inspiration to me, and I hope to portray the beauty and art of nature in my shell bangles. I enjoy creating all types of jewelry; rings, shell bangles, and necklaces with these treasures in my line of Hawaiian beach jewelry.

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Who wants some free ocean inspired jewelry?! I have enough jewelry said no one ever! I am doing a giveaway and the winner will be announced this Friday, February 20th. I thought a little belated V-Day gift would be the perfect giveaway! The winner will receive a Mermaid Bar Necklace, VVV Ring and Tiny Starfish Stud Earrings. I am giving one of these ocean inspired jewelry sets away on Instagram @mishahawaii and one set away on my website! All you have to do to enter is either go on Instagram and find my giveaway post under @mishahawaii, the instructions are there on how to enter,  you can also enter by just signing up for the mailing list here at MISHALAMJEWELRY.COM – Good luck Mermaids!!!!! XO

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Misha Lam Jewelry

I am so happy to finally launch my second jewelry line – Misha Lam Jewelry. It has taken me about a year to finally get everything together to complete this for wholesale and retail! It took many people to make this happen so thank you to everyone who supported me through this past year and helping with the site.  I am excited to share my new jewelry line Misha Lam Jewelry with all my customers on my new website MISHALAMJEWELRY.COM

Shop now through 2/8 with coupon code MERMAID10 for 10% off the entire site!

I am now using the highest quality AA Tahitian Pearls I have ever used on my tahitian pearl bangles. As a jeweler sourcing high quality materials that will last is one of the my most important jobs. I am constantly finding new suppliers with better quality supplies, and that is one of the most fun and challenging parts of my job. Love my new boxes too. xo

Below is the Tahitian Pearl Bangle Triad Set.


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Tahitian Pearl Bangles

How many Tahitian Pearl bangles do you need? On my wrist I like to wear 13. I know! 13! If you are looking for a starter set I recommend 3 bangles and then add on from there. They look great stacked as a set. The Tahitian Pearls float freely creating movement as you wear them. I like movement in all my jewelry – and it should move with you! I fell in love with Tahitian Pearls because each pearl is unique in color, shape, luster and surface. All my Tahitian Pearl bangles use AA quality peacock tahitian pearls. I like to find the pearls with the best luster, but also with a unique quality or imperfection so that you can see the naturalness of the pearl. That is truly what makes Tahitian pearls so special, and what makes each one different. Check out my current stack…..and the gorgeous pearls I use to make my jewelry.

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Uni Obsession

If you love shell jewelry you will love my casted uni collection! I just LOVE uni shells (uni is hawaiian for sea urchin) – they are so amazingly beautiful and fragile. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. I have found them scuba diving at 60 feet and washed up on the shore after a swell. I found some tiny uni shells beach combing in Hawaii and casted them into sea urchin earrings, a pendant and a bangle. I thought the uni collection would be perfect for anyone who loves shell jewelry. If you are looking for shell jewelry, you have come to the right place!

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Christmas Trunk Show

Mahalo to everyone who came and supported Misha Hawaii at our annual Christmas Trunk Show on Oahu. It was lovely to see everyone and we hope you had a wonderful time. See you next year!

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